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These ideals drive principled, effective leaders in business, and are the values we seek to instill in all of our students, both during their education at Goizueta and beyond.Provide a specific example of how you have demonstrated one of these values in your professional experience.(500 words) While the first two essays are focused on your professional accomplishments and aspirations, the next two essays want to dig deep into your personality and fit.

This is the standard why y MBA, why our school, why now, short term/long term goal essay.

You generally need to answer this question in most MBA applications (or interviews), so the expectation is that you will have a good answer to the questions.

Fight the urge to cut and paste sections of essays from other schools unless they specifically address each question.

Don’t regurgitate your resume in the answer set (especially the y MBA).

Your background and passion should lead you to an MBA which leads you to your short-term and long-term goals.

Your interest in Goizueta should fit with your overall career plan; the best y Goizueta essays will site specific offerings that attract you to the school.Think about the essays in the context of your career and show your unique traits vs. For example, if you are an investment banker, maybe you can talk about your community involvement (rare for a banker); alternatively, if you are in the non-profit space, you could talk about your rigorous focus that helped drive a new initiative.How nice of Goizueta to give you so many options to write about.Make sure to be specific about what you, specifically, did, especially if it was a team accomplishment (i.e.we exceeded our financial goals and I contributed 60% to the bottom line).: If this accomplishment is something that your recommender(s) is aware of, make sure to prime him to let him know that you’ve highlighted this experience in your essay.Your essay argument is significantly strengthened if you have recommender confirmation of your role and performance.Goizueta Business School takes pride in our Core Values: Courage, Integrity, Accountability, Rigor, Diversity, Team, and Community.Make sure that you think long and hard about this one—if your most “significant” professional accomplishment is not very significant—“Houston, we have a problem” (I thought I would drop a commemorative space shuttle reference in).One way to think of the essay is 1) the setup – describing the background of the accomplishmen; 2) the payoff – what actually happened and how did you exceed expectations; and 3) the takeaways – what did you learn from the experience.Essays 1 and 2 give you the opportunity to talk about work.Essays 3 and 4 give you the opportunity to dig deeper into your personality exhibited through work, community service or personal achievements.


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