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And other words which gloomy mood are; ‘darker’, ‘doleful’, ‘scornfully, ‘death’, ‘misery etc.Feministic point of view Negativity: The whole poem is written in dejected mood.

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The themes of the poem are; Death Hopelessness Escapism Painful memories Death: Death Is the maln theme of the poem. The oetess wants to die because doesnt find any source of comfort and relief even In sleep.

In this poem we can analyze that sleep Is not any source of Joy, hope and rest for her-so she wants to get rid of her life.

She wanted to sleep but sleep brings no rest to her. She was disturbed by the painful memories which she had suffering in her life. As Paul Lieder points out; “Emily Bronte wrote so little in her short life that it is difficult to appraise her work with any surety.

One point is generally agreed that in both her prose and poetry there is in spite of minor faults or rare power. During her time at home she wrote all her poems in a notebook.

She feels herself effortless against the problems of life.

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Wilder Sea: Wilder sea is the symbol of depth, mystery and violence. In Emily’s poem wave is symbolizes with death that overcomes her own life.Words which shows mood of the poetess: There are certain words in this poem which reveals the gloomy or despair mood of the poetess, such as the repetition of the word ‘no’.Just like ‘no hope’, ‘no Joy, ‘no friend’, ‘no strength’.But in Emilys poem, sleep brings dark aspects of her life more clearly and intensively.She sleeps because she can escape from her harsh life for sometimes’ but it is not so. Shadow: Shadows are dark, dreary, haunting and ghostly.Themes of the poem: This poem is an autobiographical poem of Emily Bronte.This poem reveals her miserable condition in her life.We cannot sustain a comparison with the dog, it is infinitely too good; but the cat, although it differs in some physical points, is extrememly like us in disposition... There Is not any light of hope and couragment In her life. She wrote this poem In those days when she was bound at home.She is preeminently a poet of self-conscious expression and of an interior life focused on observation and imagination.Emily’s life was that of a representation solitary.


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