Electrical Problem Solving

Many modern electrical control systems incorporate programmable logic controllers, variable speed drives, safety relays and other complex control devices.

Electricians working in industry have often had no formal training on these devices.

Comprehensive course notes support the course - some example pages follow - showing our coverage of the traditional control panel components and how fault-finding and fault diagnosis should be carried out with these components.

Candidates also look at safety relays, analysing how they work and how faults associated with them can be rectified.

What you need to do is find the main electrical panel in your home (because that’s where all the main control switches are).

You will see a switch panel that has its switch turned off (for old switches) and partly off (for modern switches).

Often, we are quick to jump directly into fixing a problem when, in fact, it would benefit us to be methodical with our process.

Here, we share a troubleshooting process that can help you navigate electrical troubleshooting for your facility.

You only need to flip the switch back on and voila!

Are you tired of changing your bulb every now and then?


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