Effects Of Natural Disasters Essay

In turn, an earthquake under the water can also cause a tsunami, as the quake causes great waves by pushing large volumes of water to the surface.Tsunamis can also be caused by underwater volcanic eruptions.The magma travels up the inside of the volcano, and pours out over the surrounding area as lava.

Because many people believe that God is in control of everything that goes on, they mistakenly assume that must mean that God is the one causing the disasters as well, when that necessarily is not the case.

God allows things to happen, but he doesn't actually force things to happen.

Furthermore, On April 20 2011, Edmond Mulet, the head of the UN mission in Haiti said, "marked the 100th day since the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, leaving between 250,000 and 300,000 people dead," (2010, quoted in The Telegraph, internet).

Since Haiti is an underdeveloped country, the mitigation system is incomplete, as well as the assistance measurement, hence the numeber of dead was significant.

It is estimated that the 1976 Tangshan earthquake caused more than 750 thousand deaths, making it rank the first among all earthquakes in the 20th century (BBC, Year unknown, internet).

This figure indicates a correlation between population density and higher casualties.

“Before writing Candide, Voltaire wrote a long poem about that event, which he interpreted as a sign of God’s indifference or even cruelty toward humanity.” The earthquake signifies all the terrible natural events that occur for no reasonable explanation or reason.

Even though it is currently possible to predict most natural disasters and minimize their consequences, major social impacts still have been seen over recent decades.

Earthquakes are another common natural disaster that can cause many fatalities.

The movements of the plates in the earth’s crust cause them.


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