Education Is A Progressive Discovery Of Our Ignorance Essay

December 20 A Psychologist's Take on Willful Ignorance According to a Psychology Today article, there are 3 types of ignorance, only one of which has a negative connotation (The 3 types of ignorance are, according to Susan L.She mentions the willful ignorance of football fans ignoring the shameful behavior of Jerry Sandusky, as though football is more important than integrity and the issue of sexual abuse.

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My search for information about willful ignorance, however, was more focused on social or personality psychology research on the topic, especially since I am a social/personality psychologist.

I found out that no research has been done on this topic by name.

We see the cost of willful ignorance in political discussion as well as policy.

Whether it is a person declaring the magical qualities of the "free market" or a belief in the unerring, literal truth of the Bible, whether it is people who think that human activities have no effect on climate and since God will take care of everything, there is no possibility of an ecological calamity occuring, or whatever form willful ignorance takes -- willful ignorance on the part of some, drags us all down.

Remember, lifestyle and personality can have a huge influence on IQ, so it is likely that conservatives essentially think less than do progressives.

They ask fewer questions and engage in fewer truth seeking missions, on the whole.Smalley also mentions the recently repealed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law as an example of willful ignorance being encouraged by government.She makes the point that many of our institutions encourage willful ignorance, at least regarding certain issues.Admitting that one is wrong, causes cognitive dissonance, which is something to be avoided.Thus, people are often resistant to any evidence which contradicts their world view or belief system, rather than examine the evidence and modify their positions, which would require the person to experience and deal with cognitive dissonance. One thing we can do is to have a more intellectually oriented, education oriented society.It asks the question also, what is knowable, and what, if anything is unknowable?In contrast to ordinary of higher ignorance, willful ignorance occurs when a person knows the truth but chooses to ignore it, or the person refuses to abandon false beliefs and pursue the development of further knowledge. willful ignorance is: The practice or act of intentional and blatant avoidance, disregard or disagreement with facts, empirical evidence and well-founded arguements because they oppose or contradict your own existing personal beliefs ( The urban dictionary gets political after this, which is where I am going with this.As much as knowledge seekers such as myself find willful ignorance to be utterly contemptible, there are reasons for the phenomenon of willful ignorance, though, as suggested by the Urban Dictionary.One reason is that people tend to be "cognitive misers." Most people tend not to examine things intellectually if they don't feel they have to. People tend to believe what those around them believe, and questioning those beliefs would lead to conflict and likely rejection, and as any inscure adolescent knows, the last thing one would want to happen is to be a social reject (some of whom turn into mass murderers, by the way).Conservatives, consistent with their positions so often being dependent upon willful ignorance, in my opinion covertly want to make education less available while derogating the concept of a "liberal education." We need to make cheap-or-better-yet-free-education-for-all-at-all-levels, a priority, and nurture a culture of knowledge, intellect and education.This is a point that is so important, actually, that it is difficult to overemphasize.


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