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Business profits will increasingly be used to improve products, infrastructure, and working conditions and less for increasing dividends for investors, which widens the social divide.

At the national level, the Common Good Product will indicate a country’s success according to universal values.

At the business level, the Common Good Balance Sheet will clearly show how much a company contributes to the common good.

In his concept of “oikonomia,” money only serves as a means.

In “chrematistike,” as in capitalism, money and profit maximization become the bottom line.

These include human dignity, solidarity, justice, sustainability, and democracy.

This new balance sheet measures some twenty ethical indicators; for example: So far, over 400 businesses have conducted a Common Good Balance Sheet.The following ten principles help clarify the ideas and concepts underlying the ) is to end the confusion between means and ends in our economic system.Money and capital should no longer be the end or the goal of economic activity, but rather the means to reach a higher goal, namely to improve the common good. The Greek philosopher Aristotle differentiated between “oikonomia,” the art of sustainably managing the house” (economy for the common good) and “chrematistike,” the art of making money (capitalism).It emerges out of a holistic worldview and is based on “sovereign democracy, stronger democracy than exists today.The model has five underlying goals: Rewarding “good” behavior, and making “poor” behavior more visible to the public and less profitable, will lead to a general paradigm shift at all levels of the economy.This brings the power back to the people, reduces political apathy, and will empower voters to get more involved in their communities and their places of employment.The cooperates with other social and new economy movements, not only to create synergies and join forces within the current system, but also to transform our political system towards a sovereign democracy.Value-oriented indicators determine whether or not a person or company is creditworthy.At all three levels, monetary evaluations will continue to be necessary.In an Economy for the Common Good, improving the well-being of everyone and of nature is the bottom line. Many western constitutions define the goal of the economy in this way.The constitution of Bavaria, Germany, for example, declares: “Economic activity in its entirety serves the common good.” In the Italian constitution it says, “Private economic enterprise is free.


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