Ecology Essay

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Earning three credits, the senior project is a major work at an advanced level, occupying at least a full term.

All students design their own senior project, so you can come up with a senior project that is the perfect finale for your personalized Human Ecology degree.

A distribution of courses from each area helps a student become familiar with a range of methodologies, perspectives, and practices and to incorporate these into her or his own work.

Students must take at least two courses in each resource area, each from a different faculty member. All students must take at least one quantitative reasoning (QR) class.

Black gum, dogwood and goldenrod are found near the coastal regions only because of the salty air and sandy landscape.

Our environment is warmer than the northern piedmont regions and can offer better habitats for some plant and animal life.n.d.).” Cabbage palm needs the bees and ants to pollinate the flowers, and the birds, mammals, and water to distribute the seeds for regrowth.This plant’s fruit provides food for animals such as raccoons.South Carolina has many plants that have survived natural selection and made their home here, which gives us a large variety since we have a coastal, mountain and piedmont regions.We have Cabbage Palm found along the coastal plain, Sweetshrub, Switchgrass, and Carolina jessamine (the state flower) to name a few.South Carolina has its own state protected endangered and threatened species list which includes 22 animals and 19 plants.The other species on the list include fungi, reptiles, mammals, fish, amphibians, and birds.The form and content of Human Ecology Essays vary widely.The Human Ecology Essay must be approved by the student’s advisor and one other faculty reader. All students must complete at least 40 hours of community service prior to their last term of enrollment.All math and physics courses meet this requirement, as do many classes in chemistry and economics. History courses cover traditional areas such as colonial Latin America and the Cold War, as well as less standard topics, such as the history of apples or the history of natural history. All students much complete an eleven-week, 450-hour internship.[Back to top] Human Ecology Essay.There are QR classes taught at all levels, so you’ll be able find a good course for you, whatever your math background. The Human Ecology Essay is a work of exposition, argumentation, extended description, or narration in which a student expresses her or his view of Human Ecology.


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