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Would you be surprised if I told you that I could find way more negative personality idioms than positive ones? When we want to say something nice about someone, it’s fine to be direct and just use an adjective. He also thinks he knows everything — so much that he’s just really annoying. Like when it’s Tony’s turn to buy the drinks, he’ll just refuse.“Don’t be so tight.”Sibel is just crazy. This is a more polite way of saying that he’s stupid. If you ask Andy to get some lemons, tahini, chickpeas and garlic from the shop (yep — you’re making hummus again), he’ll probably come back with an orange and an onion. We can also say “tight-fisted.”This is more about being ungenerous. He’s unrealistic and just dreaming all the time.“Don’t bother asking him — he’s got his head in the clouds.”If you ask Andy where he put his phone, he won’t remember.The next skill is being interested in the other person. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 56 (3), 320-329 Dotinga, R.

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Social Butterfly is a person who’s good in socializing with others. Thinking of you: Nonconscious pursuit of interpersonal goals associated with relationship partners. Loneliness, depression and sociability in old age, 18(1): 51–55.

“The big message is that your brain is reflecting your current social environment, and your social skills. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 84, 148 - 164.

I also need to consider if I have an abnormal personality and its origins i.e) psychodynamic, behavioural, cognitive or humanistic.

Personality A is a very strong and bold personality to own.

If Delia wants something, she just goes and gets it. It might also save us from getting into trouble when we’re criticising people who are loose cannons or who have a short fuse. He just sits at home and talks about how bad your new poem is. Tony won’t listen to any ideas that he doesn’t understand or like. Or she’ll see a building site, and the first thing she’ll do is go in and start climbing all over it. This is more or less the same as “tearaway.”A cannon is one of those massive old guns: Imagine a loose one: That’s Sibel. She’ll also just talk openly about private stuff that you’d rather she didn’t tell anyone. He might think he’s a smart guy, but he’s actually completely stupid. This is when you might want to use the phrase “pull yourself together.”“Come on Andy! It just means an annoying person — someone you’d prefer not to be around.

But if we want to say something bad about someone, it’s easier to be indirect and use an idiom. Thanks to the internet, we get more and more Tonys. He does things the way he wants, and he won’t do them any other way. This one simply means “stubborn.”“Set in his ways” is about his habits, and “pig-headed” is about his opinions. It doesn’t matter how much evidence you give him — he won’t change his mind. Do you remember how Nik would listen to your radical ideas about starting an orchestra without any instruments? Even if he doesn’t agree, he can still listen to your ideas. You’ll be walking down the street with her, and she’ll just start knocking on someone’s front door and then immediately run away. He can’t remember things well, and he has a very, very short concentration span. This is basically the same as “scatterbrained” but even a little stronger. I want to get back inside.”Although Andy’s pretty annoying, we can probably call Sibel and Tony a pain in the neck, too.

You should have less mouth 4 SOCIAL BUTTERFLY and more ears.

Try to interact with socially skilled people and observe them.

This person is always setting I also see my self as very active and fit, plus the active side of me has always been part of my lifestyle. This means, inclined to or conducive to companionship with others.

This fits me because with the right people I’m very sociable, talking and joking with people I mainly know.


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