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Even though the poets came from contrasting backgrounds, they were able to personalize war to make it hit a chord with the reader and display the bleak reality of war that regular citizens may not have realized, Hardy, through emotional pain and Owen, through imagery.

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The first line describes the troops as being "like old beggars under sacks".

This not only says that the men are tired but that they are so tired they have been brought down to the level of beggars.

"Coughing like hags" suggests that these young He goes on to say, "As under a green sea, I saw him drowning", this shows how the man is gasping for clean air and not this air that is poisoning him.

In the following stanza, Owen goes on to further demonstrate his gift for visualisation, with the use of strong emotive words such as 'Guttering', 'Choking' and 'Drowning', not only shows how the man is dying but also that the use of onomatopoeia suggests the sound is of the soldier dying in a very painful and frightening way that no human being should ever endure and could ever imagine in their wildest nightmares.

Thomas Hardy and Wilfred Owen have distinct views on the effects of war on the people involved.

They also came from different backgrounds, values, beliefs, and life experiences that shaped their views on war.

As if half-way through an incomplete event that has already started.

The soldiers are trying to escape the enemy’s fire but their terrible health conditions dismiss them from strong and immediate actions.

‘Dulce et Decorum est’ reveals the hidden truths of the past century’s war, by uncovering the cruelties the soldiers were left to face.

The poem begins with a glimpse at the soldiers’ living conditions and their lifestyle which provided them with untimely age.


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