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In the Mao period, a revolutionary class-struggle analysis dominated in mainland China.In the 1970s, outside mainland China, both Chinese and English-language studies formed the basis for trends focusing on the novel’s literary achievements, mostly based on current literary theory.In the scholarly literature, it is most often referred to as (A) Dream of (the) Red Chamber(s), or just Red Chamber Dream.

1763); descended from Chinese Bannerman-Bondservant family; grand holdings in Nanjing confiscated by Yongzheng emperor for family's dishonesty and incompetence E.In China, critical comments in the pingdian 評點 “marginal commentary” style began to appear even while the novel was being written, often mixing interpretive comments with personal reactions to the text.From the beginning of the 20th century, various approaches have been adopted, beginning with the philosophical approach of Wang Guowei in 1904 (see section on Religion and Philosophy) and the suoyin 索隱 (hidden meaning) approach from 1915 onwards, the latter arguing that the novel is a veiled attack on the political powers of the day (see section on Society and History).The most recent, and by far the most instructive, book-size introduction to the novel is Schonebaum and Lu 2012.In Chinese, some very good book-size introductions to the novel also exist, such as Luo 2007, which builds on one scholar’s interpretation and follows the novel’s development section by section, and Zhu 2003, which collects essays by a number of scholars.I am less interested at this point in your appreciation of the novel as a "literary work" than I am in the book as a reflection of Chinese culture (world view, aesthetics, values, life-styles, etc.). Over 75 printed Chinese editions; over 15 foreign translations C.About thirty major characters; over 400 minor characters D.Needless to say, Bao-yu soon tires and asks to take a nap. We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.For all its realism however, The Story of the Stone is not set entirely inreality.The very premise of the whole tale, that of a single rock left outof the goddess Nu-wa's repairing of the sky, is one based on amagico-religious dream world.


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