Dorian Gray Analysis Essays

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Experts admit that the girl is opposition to Grey since she embodies a peaceful, innocent beauty (Murray). The future, as well as the consequences of their actions, seem to be far away.

According to Lord Henry, “The girl never really lived, and so she has never really died” (Wilde 119). This desire to be free is superior, and since it correlates with the youth, they both grow their importance.

Appearance is changeable, and no one should estimate another person only by his or her looks.

Oscar Wilde created a whole novel to prove this statement.

In such a way, they all had to be taken timely and used appropriately.

Character Analysis Essay On To Kill A Mockingbird - Dorian Gray Analysis Essays

Nevertheless, it seems that people are afraid of changes and get easily fixated on something that preoccupies their minds — for example, the youth and beauty which define an external condition of subjects.However, as was stated before, life consists of periods.Due to the fact that human beings make an important part of the life itself, they participate in its seasons.However, he does not realize the power of his beauty until Lord Henry tells him about it.Specifically, the character has an idea that “there are only a few years in which one can really live and enjoy completely” (Lourido 12).The writer tells the story of a man who wants by all means to save his gorgeous appearance. Although Dorian prefers his youth and beauty to dominate over a natural course of life, he eventually has to surrender to eternal mortality of human beings.Every period of life is beautiful by opportunities that it provides.Unfortunately, Lord Henry decides to remove the scales from Dorian’s eyes.When the protagonist realizes how precious his beauty is, he becomes obsessed with the idea of conserving his current state.When people have nothing to hold on to, they hang on to their looks as to the most valuable possessions.As Wilde wrote, the book is about his contemporaries who “…speak to the importance of beauty espoused by the Aesthetic movement.” In it, the novel, Dorian is described to be an extremely handsome man.


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