Dissertations On Church Discipline

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Murray PDF The Black Church and the Current Generation: A Program to Address the Decline of African-American Church Attendance in Johnston County of North Carolina, Robert Allen O'Neal Jr PDF Developing a Strategy to Vitalize Volunteering for Successful Community Service in Korean Churches: Focusing on the Korean Baptist Church of Blacksburg, Daijoong Park PDF The Unifying Theme of the Mind of Christ in Philippians Demonstrated by Paul's Use of Rhetorical and Linguistic Devices in an Oral/Aural Culture, David Alan Posey PDF An Examination of Preaching and Church Leadership within Royal Baptist Church, Jeffie L.

Powell Jr Tawḥīdic Allah, the Trinity, and the Eschaton: A Comparative Analysis of the Qualitative Nature of the Afterlife in Islam and Christianity (1.4 MB)" aria-label="Download PDF of Tawḥīdic Allah, the Trinity, and the Eschaton: A Comparative Analysis of the Qualitative Nature of the Afterlife in Islam and Christianity (1.4 MB)" PDF Tawḥīdic Allah, the Trinity, and the Eschaton: A Comparative Analysis of the Qualitative Nature of the Afterlife in Islam and Christianity, Kevin M.

Slade PDF A Strategy for a Successful Church Plant in an Un-churched, yet Spiritual Culture, Ernest Smith PDF Attractional to Missional: A Strategic Transition Plan for Anastasia Baptist Church, Samuel F.

Thigpen PDF Sonship: Biblical Concepts and the Need for Spiritual Father and Son Relationships in the Church, Anthony Batiste Thompson Jr PDF Short-Term Missions: Developing an Effective and Sustainable Program in the Local Church, Matthew Alan Trill PDF Implementation of a Basic Exegetical and Hermeneutical Class for Students: To Interpret God’s Word Exegetically and Apply God’s Word Hermeneutically, Casey Whiteis PDF Leadership Matters: The Process of Leading a Declining Church to Revitalization Utilizing Early Church Principles, Jarvis Baker PDF Situational Hermeneutics in the New Testament's Use of the Old, William Boyd PDF Ministry and Nonprofit Finance: A Guide to Promote Awareness, Stewardship, and Compliance, Larry Brown PDF How to Live While Ministering to the Dying: A Guide for Hospice Chaplains, Wayne Bruner PDF Christ-centered Worship: Five New Testament Principles for the Korean Church, Hallellu Choi PDF The Religious Persecution of Christians, Novella L.

Gantt PDF Evaluating Discipleship Program Effectiveness of Liberian Churches in Worcester, Massachusetts, Jesse G.

Gibson PDF Discipling Children and Youth: Helping the Church Enable Parents to Lead, Angela Hazel PDF The African American Church Response to Homosexuality and the Reasons There Is No Response, Robert Jackson Jr PDF Maximizing Discipleship Via An Adult Small Group Ministry, Wendell Jeff Jackson PDF A Study of the Sermon as Bible Study Materials for Small Group and Church Growth: With a Focus on Singing Hope Church, Ki Young Jeong PDF Tracing God's Hand in Redemption: Exploring Evidence of the Imago Dei in Human Molecular Biology, James Don Johansen PDF Leadership Factors That Influence Church Growth for Western North Carolina Churches of God, Harold Jordan PDF Block Adoption: Evaluating the Impacts of Neighborhood Care on Church Attendance at House of Joy, Victor King PDF Carl F. Henry's Presuppositional Theology and its Implications within Educational Settings, Adam L.A New Molinist Theodicy against the Problem of the Contingently Lost, Zachary Paul Breitenbach PDF An Expositional Approach to the Parables of Jesus and Applications for Unchurched Korean-American Christians, Junyong Cha PDF A Study on Church Revival and Growth through Prayer Ministries: The Case of Busan Sooyoungro Church in Korea, Dong Won Chun PDF Mythology, Morality, and the Messiah: How Natural Moral Law and Hero Myth Entail that Jesus Christ is the Best Possible Hero, Matthew J.Coombe PDF The Matthew - Chiasm as the Fountainhead of Matthean Proto-Ecclesiology, Nicholas A.Galatians 6:1 describes the correct attitude of believers when exercising church discipline: "Dear brothers and sisters, if another believer is overcome by some sin, you who are godly should gently and humbly help that person back onto the right path.And be careful not to fall into the same temptation yourself." (NLT) Church discipline should never be entered into lightly or for minor offenses.God will judge those on the outside; but as the Scriptures say, ' You must remove the evil person from among you.' " (NLT) Another vital reason for church discipline is to maintain the testimony of the church to the world. We are to be a light in a dark world, a city set on a hill.If the church looks no different than the world, then it loses its witness.Richard PDF Suicide Prevention through Spiritual Care: A Guide for United States Military Veterans, Reggie D.Richardson PDF The Logic of Intersubjectivity: Brian Mc Laren’s Philosophy of Christian Religion, Darren M.Individually, the intent is healing and restoration, but corporately the purpose is to build up, or edify and strengthen the entire body of Christ.Paul explains in 1 Corinthians 5:5 that this final step in church discipline is a way of handing the unrepentant brother "over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord." (NIV) So, in extreme cases, it is sometimes necessary for God to use the devil to work in a sinner's life to bring him to repentance.


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