Dissertation Research Design And Methodology

The process involves peeling each layer at a time to reach the centre which is the actual question of the research.

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As Creswell (1994) suggests that a deductive approach would be a better approach in such a scenario.

Since the data collection for this research involves online surveys by professionals, time is a valuable commodity.

Individuals or groups rely upon their individual experiences, memories and expectations to derive logic from situations occurring in the society.

This logic gets revised over a period of time with new experiences which in turns leads to different interpretations.

This approach adopted by the researcher requires to ‘get close’ to the participants and try and throw light on their acumen of the reality.

Thus it can be said that the researcher adopts a interpretivism philosophy.

If the research involves developing a theory and hypothesis (or hypotheses) and design a research strategy to test the hypotheses then the approach classifies as a deductive approach.

On the other hand the inductive approach involves data collection and developing a theory based on the analysis of the data.

Hatch and Cuncliffe (2006) have described how interpretivists try to draw meaning from realities and further creat new ones to analyse the different point of views and to validate them against academic literatures. (1998) described an interpretivist as one who tries to ascertain the details of the situation with the underlying motive to unearth the working logic behind the situation.

Since the aim is to interpret the thinking of ‘social actors’ and gaining insights using their pointo of views, it cannot be generalised (Saunders et al. Eriksson and Kovalainen (2008) point out a flaw which researchers need to take care of while adopting the interpretivism.


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