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read full abstract ›› Date: This study evaluated profitability performance of traditional banks; study of pre and post recapitalisation of the banking sector in Ghana.

The study made use of data from the three domestic banks in Ghana that are among the players among the 33 commercial banks as at 2016 end in the banking sector in the country.

The main objective of the study however, was to assess the effectiveness of the Performance Appraisal system (PAS) in Ghana Health Service at the LEKMA Hospital.

Performance Appraisal is a major subject of controversy in management circ ...

Before embarking on the econometrics, we tested the data series for stationarity using the unit root tests.

Dissertation Abstracts Economics Different Types Of Ethics Essays

The tests results revealed that the variables were not stationary at their levels, but ...

read full abstract ›› Date: The issue of work-life balance has received little attention by researchers, managers and politicians in China, where work-life conflicts have tended to be accepted as a fact of life.

Though, due to changes in the economic and social environment, the topic is becoming increasingly important and requires further investigations. read full abstract ›› Date: The purpose of the study was to assess the impact of sourcing on the delivery of raw material with focus on a Yabsco Ventures, a small fruit manufacturing enterprise in the Bolgatanga Municipality.

The research objectives are to develop an empirical characterization of how individual behavior deviates from purely self-interested Nash behavior and to further our understanding of the effects of alternative institutions to promote more conservative choices in common pool experiments.

Groups of five subjects participated in a 20-period common pool resource game framed as a harvest decision from a fishery.


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