Difficult Feedback Essay

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This doesn’t mean you should dismiss the feedback, because something did trigger it.It’s up to you to probe the person and discover what the actual reasons are.

I found a tip that really helps in understanding his/her concerns is to put yourself in the person’s shoes.

Imagine you as the person and think about how he/she felt.

If it’s a delayed communication, such as over email or a comment at my blog, I’ll leave it there for a couple of days while I let it sit in my mind.

I found that when I read the same piece of feedback at different times, it conjures up different thoughts and emotions.

Say, a friend or family member complaining about you. A partner or a spouse unhappy with something you did.

I run The Personal Excellence Blog which has a readership of about 3,000 readers a day.

Use active listening and understand where he/she is coming from.

Some questions to ask yourself include: Write down these answers so you can evaluate them in step 3.

After years of dealing with feedback whether in school, work, or now running my own blog and business, I’ve become accustomed to getting negative feedback, but even then there’s the occasional feedback every now and then that would sting.

Yet, unless we are living in a holed up world where we don’t have to interact with anyone, receiving negative feedback is part and parcel of our everyday life.


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