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This part is illogical, blind, demanding, insistent, and unconscious, lacks organization, and cannot tolerate tension.

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Psychologists have made tremendous progress in their attempts to explain how development occurs among human beings.

Over a long period of time, developmental psychologists have been engaged in controversies in their understanding of development as either continuous or stage oriented (Kail & Cavanaugh, 2008).

This is the part that is responsible for ensuring realistic human behavior and logical thinking.

It formulates plans of actions for satisfying individual needs.

The source of this energy, according to Freud, is instinctual in nature which implies that it is not learnt.

The most powerful of the instincts are those dealing with creation and sustenance of life, the sexual instinct. There are other instincts that were identified but the sexual instinct becomes a main life instinct which is necessary for the survival of species (Rayner, Joyce & Clulow, 2005).

Those who propose that human development is discontinuous argue that it involves distinct stages which are uniquely identified by significant behavioral differences.

Psychological theorists who say that development is a continuous process have very contrary explanations.

It is the judicial part of personality since it represents the internalized standards, values, and attitudes.

The ego-ideal component has the ideal standards while the conscience deals with the judge and punishing agency that leads the child to experience guilt each time the standards of the ego-ideal are violated (Rayner et al., 2005).


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