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For students who are interested in reading about how to write a good research proposal to apply for the scholarship, must have a clear objective to persuade the admission committee.A research proposal is also required to contain a well-written study plan for submission.

We confirmed that most women were not exposed to major environmental hazards that could affect pregnancy outcomes according to the protocol's entry criteria.The data used are mostly documented words from interview, newspapers videos etc.More than one type of data is collected during this research, from the field, where the participants are.The initial standardisation session was in Nairobi, Kenya, using newborns, which was followed by similar sessions in the eight participating study sites in Brazil, China, India, Italy, Kenya, Oman, UK and USA.The intraobserver and inter-observer technical error of measurement values for head circumference range from 0.3 to 0.4 cm, and for recumbent length from 0.3 to 0.5 cm.However, the instrument was able to identify some women that reported various environmental concerns in their homes such as peeling paint, high residential density (>1 person per room), presence of rodents or cockroaches (hence the use of pesticides), noise pollution and safety concerns.This screening tool was therefore useful for the purposes of the project and can be used to ascertain environmental exposures in studies in which the primary aim is not focused on environmental exposures.In other words, the research goes beyond the intended scope, so making it emergent because the method of research changes and different types of data might be collected as the research goes on. Having a clear objective for research is a reflection of how explicit the research question is.Depending on the research problem, you have to combine a number of design approaches to end up with the required outcome.The challenges inherent in this trial in terms of logistics, implementation and interpretation of the results are also discussed.We hope that this article will trigger further discussion about the difficulties of setting up and analyzing trials aimed at establishing the worth of new methods for better selection of patients for cancer treatment.


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