Describe Soccer Essay

The voices cheer me on, attempt to coach me, and even sometimes get frustrated with me.The scoreboard, the one and only judge of the game, stands tall at the end of the field shadowing over me and my team mates.

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That’s what makes soccer the greatest sport ever to me. The skill you need to play soccer it just over the top. So in conclusion, it is important to know I love soccer because, it involves a lot of running and skill, I have been playing since I was five, and I involves team effort.

There are so many new things I learn at practice every day.

The enormity of it all should make me feel insignificant but instead empowers me.

Here, I can remember every victory as if it was all replaying right in front of my eyes for the second time. Here, I can do what I do best; and that is play soccer.

Now I have progressed a lot and know what I’m doing. My coach always says; score early so we have a cushion for some time.

Ever since I played soccer I have loved it and when I was little I had no clue what I was doing at the time. Team effort is what I love, because you have to work with your team and communicate with every one to take the ball up the field and score.

The cold, cruel metal is the one place on the field I truly detest.

And although I respect and admire the field in nearly all its entirety, there is nothing I despise more than the prison that the bench represents.

While they can do nothing but watch and attempt to be supportive, they are anxiously waiting to get out and join the others on the limitless and far-reaching green ocean the grass field symbolizes.

The field is the one place I feel the most at home, and content with myself.


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