Dental Malpractice Case Studies

If the case does not settle out of court (the majority of cases do end up settling), and is not dismissed by the court, then it will proceed to trial.

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This is almost always established by a qualified expert medical witness who has been retained by the plaintiff's attorney.

This expert is usually a health care professional who has experience with the kind of procedure that is the subject of the lawsuit.

Again, in most cases, these mistakes are trivial, and no lasting harm is done.

But in a handful of cases each year in the UK, a dental practitioner or other medical staff working in the dental sector, makes a mistake that leads to the harm of their patient.

The lawsuit officially begins once a pleading (or “complaint”) has been filed with the court.

The defendant dentist then has a certain amount of time to respond to the complaint (typically 20 to 30 days).It is also beneficial, in some states, to have a favorable ruling from the state board of dentistry before bringing a claim.An attorney will be familiar with any and all procedural requirements that must be met in order to bring your case to court.The first element -- whether there was a dentist-patient relationship -- is typically not disputed.The second element, the "medical standard of care," means the level and kind of care that a similarly-skilled dentist in the community would have provided under the same treatment circumstances.What steps should the dentist have taken in treating the patient? How did those steps cause or contribute to the patient's harm?Finally, it is important to consider the seriousness of the “injury” before filing a lawsuit.This guide explains just what dental negligence is, and the different types of negligence that can occur.It will walk you through the things you need to do before making your claim for compensation for dental negligence.A dental negligence claim occurs when a medical practitioner working in the dental sector, causes harm to a patient through a mishap or mistake.This can be the dentist themselves, or any of the nursing and care staff that are involved in the overall dental care process.


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