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The first stage has to do with the unregulated abuse of forest products to be used as energy, building supplies and also to be cleared to make way for agricultural land.... This is particularly concerning because the number of ordinances are doubling every 5 years.[tags: Environment Conservation Growth Agriculture Paper] - In “The Impact of Forestry-Related Ordinances on Timber Harvesting in St. The main cause of this increase is the migration of the population from urban areas to rural settings....

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[tags: protection, property, logging] - The philosophy behind Greek & Roman conquests was to destroy and conquer, clear the land and build cities. The late 1800's and early 1900's found the same philosophy in the United States "clear the land and build cities".

Cities were created and flourished from the seemingly endless supply of timber with which to build homes, ships, and furniture and produce leather supplies.

Trees are cut and burned down for a number of reasons.

Forests are logged to supply timber for wood and paper products, and to clear land for crops, cattle, and housing.

- When discoursing about how the people and the environment go hand in hand, where trifling disagreements are at hand, it should be assumed to achieve that that state equality plays a major factor in making that claim.

For it is a way to have a fair and justifiable course of action to take, as it is the utmost and practical means of achieving Environmental Justice, as furthered explained in this quote, Environmental justice [is] the fair treatment of all races, cultures, incomes, and educational levels with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies....

An adverse impact of this has been the lack of riparian buffer zones around waterways.

This poses risks to water quality, which is important for both biodiversity and recreation....

[tags: Finance ] - Issues Within the Discipline of Forestry The idea of forestry in the sense that we know it today is only about four hundred years old.

Forestry developed mainly out of the need for a continual supply of wood products.


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