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These training tools are necessary to ensure that the theoretical knowledge gained by the participants can be used in real life scenarios; an important aspect & added value for any training course.At the final day of the course, the participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the information received and the experience gained in the specific field of study.

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Decision making is a choice made by using one’s judgement.

The art of making sound decisions is a particularly important skill for leaders and managers.

individual, the pros and cons and models for successful problem solving and decision making, among others.

The key difference between problem solving and decision making is that solving problems is a process, whereas making decisions is an action based on insights derived during the problem-solving process.This highly interactive course can make a difference to positive outcomes in your life and personal success.With a balance between theoretical and participative learning, this course will increase ability to identify and solve problems, and to make good decisions with positive outcomes, which is fundamental to a productive and fulfilled life.This highly practical workshop introduces you to a range of tools and techniques to solve problems more effectively and make better decisions.You will also discover your problem solving and decision making style and how to work more successfully with colleagues who have a different style to you.Throughout the workshop you will work on a case study from your workplace where you can immediately put the skills you learn into practice.Anyone who wants to understand how to identify problems, generate solutions and implement them successfully.An effective speaker with a valuable message, he is one of the very few figures in recent years to have transformed the debate as to what effective leadership is all about.course is a masterclass course which presents the structure, process and the required tools with which someone can solve problems and take the appropriate decisions.This course will equip the participants with in depth knowledge in order to use analysis, synthesis and positive inquiry to address individual and organizational problems.Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to identify a problem, conduct a root cause analysis of the problem and develop a set of criteria to evaluate different solutions for the same problem.


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