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What comes to mind when you hear the word computer crimes? Although many may not know of a fully fledged hacking case, they often fall under federal jurisdiction.Hacking is nothing new and has been around for many years.They usually work with major law enforcement agencies and big industrial corporate offices to help reduce hacking.

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Unauthorized downloading of copyrighted material and sharing of recorded music over the Internet, often in the appearance of MP3 files, is another form of infringement; even after the termination of Napster and a series of infringement suits brought by the RIAA.

Bootleg recordings are musical recordings that have not been formally released by the artist or their associated administration or production companies.

They are also the technical superiors to criminal offenders and are most difficult for law enforcement to track.

The actual number of hacking attacks against private and public industry is unknown.

There are also problems of privacy when confidential information is lost or intercepted, lawfully or otherwise. However, various studies and recent incidents in the news show that the U. lags behind other nations such as China in efforts to combat cyber crime and cyber terrorism.

This problem is one that the public often overlooks, yet it is a very serious matter nonetheless.According to the New York Times, “90% of Fortune 500 networks have been hacked.In Canada Internet hacking has doubled to 8% in 1998 over a period of just one year” (Parker, 1983).A gray hat hacker discovers and supplies information about network security issues and weakness to the network administrator and also to black hat hackers to exploit the system.Hacking in general continues to have a negative association and implies any illicit activity against a computer system or other digital device.Hackers can be defined or categorized, there is not a one size fits all hacker profile, but statistics have shown that hackers share similar traits.Hackers tend to be between the age group of 14-25 years, insecure, white males who are intelligent social outcasts or loners who have had previous problems in school and lack positive outlets for their talents.Not only is business having trouble with hacking but also Homeland Security and Department of Defense.According to research in 1998 the Financial Cost to computer security breaches was reported for the 163 companies at 3.7 Million (1999 CSI/FBI Report).It actually can be dated back to 1870 when a male teenager was first hired as a switchboard operator and was able to disconnect and redirect calls and use the line for personal usage.The advent of the computer age brought about the traditional hacker, who was first thought of as a harmless user with a curiosity about how things worked.


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