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Once you’ve created your broad CV, tailor it based on the job description.Rank your skills in the same order as on the description and remove any unnecessary areas of expertise.

Once you’ve created your broad CV, tailor it based on the job description.

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These are the quickest ways to have your CV disregarded.

Check, check and double check Have someone check everything before you send it. They’ll be working through hundreds of CVs and if yours is difficult to read then it’s going to end up in the bin.

Essential skills Are they looking for communication skills? ​​​​​​​Personal qualities Have they mentioned things like being good with people or ambitious?

Be sure to highlight these qualities Information on the company You could also check their website and social media accounts.

Some people can feel uncomfortable writing a cover letter and stick to a standard template for all their applications. Remember, the cover letter is the first chance you get to attract the employer’s attention.

Like your CV, the job description or the company’s values should shape your cover letter.Your cover letter should explain why you’re writing; whether it’s a response to an advertisement or you’re expressing a direct interest in the company.If you’re applying speculatively make sure you say what prompted you to apply.Briefly write about your skills and abilities, and refer them to your CV.Look for trigger words in the job description or on the company site and reflect this language in the letter.Perhaps most importantly it needs to reflect the job specification and/or company values.The easiest way to do this is to create a broad CV that encompasses all of your skills and achievements, and that can be easily modified to fit a particular job description or set of company values.It could be the company ethics for example, and explain why you’d like to work for the organisation.You can get the insight you need to do this from company websites, annual reports or even by contacting them directly and asking for information.They’re full of the essential and desirable criteria and, more often than not, the most important requirements will be at the top.For example, if a company seeks a motivated individual then evidence that shows you’re motivated should be at the very top of the CV.


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