Cultural Self-Awareness Essay

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In one culture it may be the norm to choose your partner by dating several people and sharing varying experiences until they find a potential romantic partner which they marry and then start a family.

Cultural self awareness is important to develop cultural intelligence.

Cultural awareness helps us to avoid misunderstandings of other cultures.

As conveyed by Stephanie Quappe (2005), ‘misunderstandings arise when I use my meaning to make sense of your reality’.

With radical changes in business climate, globalisation and workforce diversity, the world has become more closely inter-weaved to another.

At the same time, there is an awareness of the culture to comprehend our own cultural self, which is essential for the development of cultural intelligence.

The purpose of this paper is to give a critical reflection on how cultural self-awareness is an important component of cultural intelligence.

Firstly we will look at defining what exactly cultural self awareness and cultural intelligence is and then we will critically discuss how and why cultural self-awareness assists people to become more culturally intelligent through knowledge, experience and behaviour.

Critical reflection allows us to challenge the way we live and learn or engaging in transformative learning by linking emotion and cognitive processes (Taylor, 2001).

Being able to fully comprehend this topic of cultural intelligence one must understand each key term.


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