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In these past few days I have been pondering this question.What makes a candidate perfect for Nurse Anesthesia?

Simply put, you must have an overwhelming desire to do this or you will not have the energy or stamina to complete the journey.

This is a personal characteristic that I have seen in all successful candidates that enter into anesthesia study as a nurse.

That is why I write now dear reader to tell you what it takes to prepare for Nurse Anesthesia School and eventual Nurse Anesthesia practice. If you will allow me to share with you both personal and professional opinions about “getting in and doing well” in the profession of Nurse Anesthesia practice you will note that these are my opinions and do not represent any official word from any program.

Also, please take into consideration that what I have to share with you may apply to your personal situation or it may not.

During the interviews this past week there was one such individual that really shined with a year and a half in the ICU but for most candidates it requires more time.

So question number two asks you if you have a good enough experience before planning a career in anesthesia.

We will all decide together which candidates will be best for our program in the class starting in this fall.

There are several more interviewing days and many more candidates to see so its back to work reading and thinking about what it is that makes a candidate for a Nurse Anesthesia Program shine.

Finally, take these suggestions a grain of humor in the middle of your struggles to rise to something new in your nursing practice.

First, you must know that I am on your side and want all of you to succeed and shine in your chosen field of Nurse Anesthesia Practice.


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