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Include this editorial or excerpt at the beginning of your essay, using the remaining word count to respond to it.

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Finally, you should indicate whether or not the argument is sound in your opinion, or, if it is not possible to decide (for example because you cannot judge the truth of a key premise) you should indicate what further information would be required for you to decide.

Assessment Item 5: Short argument Weighting: 10% Word Count: 500 Learning Outcomes: 1, 4, 5, 7 For this assignment, you will take the belief claim that you analysed in the first assignment and write an argument against it.

The course aims to help students to understand and develop the skills required for critical thinking, and to encourage them to explore the ways in which these skills can further the pursuit of both their academic and nonacademic projects.

Topics covered may include: inductive and deductive reasoning, common fallacies, the use of rhetoric.

To receive of the possible marks, students must attend a minimum of 10 tutorials (out of 12).

Half of the marks for each tutorial will be granted on the basis of the quality of students’ participation.

Such skills in critical thinking are integral to the discipline of philosophy.

They are also tremendously useful in other academic domains, in the workplace, and in everyday life.

So, if you analysed the statement “That there is a God” in the first assignment, you will be arguing in this assignment that there is not a God.

One reason for this is to help you occupy other points of view than your own. ) Optional Readings: Small, D., Loewenstein, G., and Slovic, P.


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