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Active learning with quizzes and problems is fun and engaging.Pairing a critical thinking course with another curriculum reinforces the lessons by allowing students to immediately apply what they have learned.However, helping students learn these skills is not easy.

Active learning with quizzes and problems is fun and engaging.

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Schools have recognized that there is a distinct advantage to teaching critical thinking to college students.

In an age of technology, information changes so rapidly and is disseminated so fast that some form of mental analysis is required to sort through it all.

With these skills you are able to obtain the greatest amount of knowledge from a piece of data.

It provides the best chance of making the correct decision, and minimizes damages if a mistake does occur.

Critical thinking has been defined as an evaluation of thought processes that enables the thinker to project outcomes that lead to good decision-making.

Simply put, critical thinking is the ability to examine a situation from all angles and choose an informed solution, without any bias or prejudice against available information.Our workshop will lead your participants to be a more rational and disciplined thinker.It will reduce their bias which will provide a greater understanding of their environment.This workshop will provide your participants the skills to evaluate, identify, and distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information which will provide an incredible boost in performance.Critical thinking is an essential employability skill and something that needs to be intentionally taught in higher education classrooms (Conference Board of Canada). 306 Institutions have accepted or given pre-approval for credit transfer.* The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE Credit®) has evaluated and recommended college credit for 29 of Sophia’s online courses.Sources of knowledge on the Internet are not necessarily reliable, and they must be evaluated on an individual basis.Students who learn how to think critically will be able to do this in every aspect of their lives, from buying consumer products to choosing the right career path.Many different colleges and universities consider ACE CREDIT recommendations in determining the applicability to their course and degree programs.When reading, watching television or listening to the radio, it is important to question what is happening.


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