Critical Thinking Appraisal Test

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Perhaps they made a claim and failed to provide evidence to support it, or they shot down your argument for reasons that didn’t seem relevant.

If you picked up on either of these, then you might have an eye (or ear! In short, critical thinking is the activity of studying arguments, the ideas that they’re made up of, and the logic that binds them together.

Example Questions An overall score is provided showing the test taker’s percentile score against 5 key norm groups.

Including UK General Population, Graduates, Development and Outplacement, Managers and Senior Management.

We’ll get onto what exactly critical thinking is, but first it’s important to take a quick look at what the test is measuring.

Here are the skills that the Watson Glaser critical thinking appraisal evaluates: The test is a 30-minute long assessment, and contains around 40 questions.Watson-Glaser can also be used in a development scenario alongside 360 Degree Feedback We welcome comment and feedback on our tests.Ian Florance - a former competitor of ours - has given us his view of Watson-Glaser and why he chooses to both work with it and recommend it to others.What you need to study is critical thinking itself.Have you ever been in a debate with someone about something, and they’ve said something that sounds dubious?To view the 2013 predictive validity study for the Watson-Glaser click here.To read about how Watson-Glaser can be used, click here.Finally, there’s no set material that you need to learn for the test.By this, we mean that you won’t need to revise a case study or enter with prior knowledge of the role you’re applying for any wider knowledge about the working world.The critical thinking test isn’t concerned with that – it cares about your ability to work with what you’re given in order to come to logical conclusions.Therefore, you’ll be given all the information you need to have some understanding of every question.


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