Critical Thinking And Intelligence Analysis

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Critical thinking, then, enables us to form sound beliefs and judgments, and in doing so, provides us with a basis for a "rational and reasonable" emotional life.

If so, is there such a thing as "emotional intelligence?

" And if so, how does it relate to critical thinking?

Critical thinking, I believe, is the only plausible vehicle by means of which we could bring intelligence to bear upon our emotional life.

It is critical thinking I shall argue, and critical thinking alone, which enables us to take active command of not only our thoughts, but our feelings, emotions, and desires as well.

What is more, it is evident that to learn to solve problems effectively, one must have the desire to do so. Thus the affective dimension, comprised of feelings and volition, is a necessary condition and component of high quality reasoning and problem solving.

Every "defect" in emotion and drive creates a "defect" in thought and reason.

To engage in high quality reasoning, one must have not only the cognitive ability to do so, but the drive to do so as well.

One must feel the importance of doing so, and thus be driven to acquire command of the art of high quality reasoning.

It would entail, then, the bringing of (cognitive) intelligence to bear upon emotions.

It would encompass both positive and negative emotions.


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