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Miller's play, which first appeared on Broadway as a one-acter in 1955[,] is seen here in the full-length."(1983) "Alas, the promised land is still well out of reach. Miller seems to have begun with his themes and conceits, then worked backward to fashion (and diminish) his characters to fit the predetermined pattern . ."(1987) "'All My Sons' may be too topical for its own theatrical good. Nevertheless, there are brilliant ideas and strong stretches of dialogue here. The Times called it "one of the most significant events for the Chinese theater since the end of the Cultural Revolution." (1984) Helen Dudar, writing about the history of the critical reception of "Death of a Salesman," says that, "Thirty-five years later, as a major new revival reaches Broadway, it is still possible to roil up debate over the play's merits."(1985) A revival of "Death of a Salesman," starring Dustin Hoffman, acclaimed on Broadway, was adapted for television under the direction of Volker Schlondorff.

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Miller for fastening on an eternal issue, it's hard not to ask the weary, equally eternal, question, 'So what else is new?

It's this vision, as well as the Miller voice, which remains as strong and unrelenting as a prophet's, that distinguish 'Broken Glass' and give it a poignance so rare these days that it's almost new-fashioned."(1995) "Staged by the gifted (and increasingly busy) young director Scott Elliott, the work, first produced in London in 1991 .

Although 'The Crucible' is a powerful drama, it stands second to 'Death of a Salesman' as a work of art. Miller had had more trouble with this one, perhaps because he is too conscious of its implications."(1955) "To this theatregoer, ['A Memory of Two Mondays'], Mr. But regrettably -- or so it seems to me -- the author of 'Death of a Salesman' is still waiting in the wings, unfulfilled."(1972) "It emerges as a victory of craft over artistry and of mind over matter.

But in the second play, 'A View From the Bridge,' has power and substance."(1968) "It is a play that will give a great deal of pleasure to many people and deserves a long and profitable run.

[But] they have not edited out the confusion of the script nor its somewhat jumbled philosophies, nor have they kept it from running over into the ridiculous now and then."(1949) "Miller has written a superb drama.

[T]he author and director -- Arthur Miller and Joseph Fields -- at least have been trying to do something away from the theater's usual stencils. It is his first comedy, and even in style quite unlike his earlier work. And those people will be rewarded by a production that gives the play every fair shake."(1980) "Miller's drama arrived at the Biltmore with an extensively rewritten script, a new director and a partially new cast. Upsetting as it seems, the once beautiful pieces of 'The American Clock' have been smashed almost beyond recognition."(1983) ". Miller's artistry is present everywhere in the book."(1967) "[T]hese offerings are neither mere doodlings nor scratchpad outlines for more serious works to come. (1954) The State Department denied a passport to Miller, citing regulations denying passports to persons believed to be supporting the Communist movement, whether or not they are members of the Communist party.(1956) Miller told the House Committee on Un-American Activities that he had signed many appeals and protests issued by Communist front groups over the preceding decade. Scott revival of "Death of a Salesman," Miller said that the play's success "gave me the feeling that you could do anything with the stage provided your imagination is intact."(1980) In a wide-ranging interview with James Atlas, Miller talked about "The American Clock," his first Broadway production since 1972, and "Playing for Time," his television screenplay based on Fania Fenelon's memoir about the women's orchestra at Auschwitz. This was going to be my last play if it didn't go." (1947) Miller's "All My Sons" was selected as the best American play of the season by the New York Drama Critics Circle, which cited the play's "frank and uncompromising presentation of a timely and important theme."(1949) With the Pulitzer Prize, the New York Drama Critics Circle award, and the Antoinette Perry award, Miller's "Death of a Salesman" became the first play to win a clean sweep of the three major drama prizes. [Marilyn Monroe] is completely blank and unfathomable . (1975) Speaking to a reporter before the opening of the George C. Miller, sounds like a laugh track for much of the evening's first act . This did not happen in Salem."(1999) In an essay for The Times, Miller writes that "The Price" was "a reaction to two big events that had come to overshadow all others in that decade. [The audience,] so accustomed to somber admonitions from Mr. [W]hen 'The Price' settles into its earnest battle of wills . It's been going on for about 25 years now, and I think it has almost completed its devolution."(1998) In an op-ed comparing and contrasting the Salem witch trials to the "extravaganza around President Clinton," Miller writes, "Despite the lashings of almost all the press and the mullahs of the religious right, the people seem largely to have withheld their righteous anger. [E]veryone interested in the theater will be interested enough to make up his or her own mind about the play. Broadway has found a much-needed evening of electric American drama. These were the proudest, friendliest people I had met in Europe, and the most frank and open. One was the seemingly permanent and morally agonizing Vietnam War, the other a surge of avant-garde plays that to one or another degree fit the absurd styles." "In '60's Yugoslavia, the place seemed filled with enormous energy.


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