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But, as they have been reprinted more than once in the United States, as many American copies have been imported into this country, and as a still larger importation is expected, he conceives that he cannot, in justice to the publishers of the Edinburgh Review, longer object to a measure which they consider as necessary to the protection of their rights, and that he cannot be accused of presumption for wishing that his writings, if they are read, may be read in an edition freed at least from errors of the press and from slips of the pen.

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author of these Essays is so sensible of their defects that he has repeatedly refused to let them appear in a form which might seem to indicate that he thought them worthy of a permanent place in English literature.

Nor would he now give his consent to the republication of pieces so imperfect, if, by withholding his consent, he could make republication impossible.

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The word "critical" can mean different things in different contexts.

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The author has been strongly urged to insert three papers on the Utilitarian Philosophy, which, when they first appeared, attracted some notice, but which are not in the American editions.

He has however determined to omit these papers, not because he is disposed to retract a single doctrine which they contain; but because he is unwilling to offer what might be regarded as an affront to the memory of one from whose opinions he still widely dissents, but to whose talents and virtues he admits that he formerly did not do justice.

For research, it is generally useful to consult the commentary and background notes in several editions.

Most people search for Burns quotations on-line, but the modern concordance by James Mackay includes entries for some of the major variants in Burns quotations, not just for one version, and helpfully also includes entries for poems sometimes attributed to Burns but that are generally regarded as apocryphal. Mackay, comp., (Ayr: Alloway, 1987) rearranges the Roy texts in groups by correspondent.


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