Creative Writing Short Story Ideas

The aim of practice is not to produce a work of art, but to hone your ability.

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But I’m going to start with a few techniques for finding ideas, and here’s why.

Practice You’re an artist, and you need to push and stretch your creative ability, to develop your range of expression and your reach.

Does that heading come across as a little aggressive?

It will, if you feel guilty about looking for ideas.

And a harsh truth, mostly ignored You won’t become a better writer by reading books that claim to tell you how to become a writer.

You certainly won’t become more creative, or become a better artist.And you can, through the course of your artistic career wander all up and down those two continua.I am going to tell you where to find the ideas that will make great stories.This means your time is limited, so practice writing doesn’t seem like an efficient use of your time.A truth, cautiously and mostly acknowledged Most people seem to agree that the best way to sell more books, long term, is to write better books.You’re an artisan, you have a specific skillset related to writing, but you’re well aware that this is a skillset that takes a lifetime to master, that there is always new knowledge to add, new skills to incorporate.This means that the core of your career as a creative writer is learning and development.And you need to become more creative, and become a better artist, to become a better writer. Which is easier for a salesperson: Wouldn’t you rather try to make money selling great books than try to make money trying to sell mediocre ones?The answer: You should look for creative writing ideas for practice. The more you go looking for them, the more you will find them.With every new writing project you expect to learn something new; and I’m certain you do.If you’re aware of this, then you’ll know that mastery comes from seeking mastery, and from practice. Practice differs from free creation in one very critical way: it is artificial.


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