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He embraced and communicated ideas that we at the Center believe are vital to the growth of young people and the flourishing of their gifts and talents.The International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards offer students from all over the world an opportunity to submit in four major areas: Creative Writing, Visual Arts, Music Composition, and Inventions.

And while I wanted to teach English Language Arts, it was not my favorite thing to teach students writing, and it was even less of a favorite thing to grade student writing.

I remember assigning writing activities like how-to writing, creative writing, and responses to pictures.

Although I always used these rubrics for journal responses when I was still teaching, they can easily be adapted to other genres of writing.

These are especially useful (and really intended) for formative assessments where you want to see how students are mastering the writing style but aren’t ready to assess their full mastery and understanding quite yet.

The Awards began in 2008 with creative writing (poems and short stories).

Visual Arts, Music Composition, and Inventions soon followed, with original work submitted by enthusiastic participants age 8-18 from all over the United States and other countries.

Click here to download these FREE quick-score writing rubrics for secondary classrooms (grades 6-12)!

You’ll thank yourself later when you’re able to grade student writing quickly!

I’ve also included a totally blank rubric template so that you can customize it as you need.

Each page of rubrics includes seven rubrics to the page, so when you’re printing them out, you’ll only need to print a few sheets in order to have enough for one for each student.


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