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As Ray explains, "What's important is that, in seeing it and naming it for yourself, you have a new vision of what's possible when you try to write well" (42). When we do use formal names for craft elements, best practice pairs such words with students' definitions of the elements. if we embed kid-friendly explanations of what they mean..need not shy away from the words themselves" (98). And students […]Poetry is my favorite genre of creative writing.

This site contains over 1,000 creative writing prompts that can be crafted into many different lesson plans, and I hope that you'll consider trying some of them out.

In the meantime, though, if you'd like to find some ideas for lessons independently of those prompts, I've come with a few winners here.

Overview Featured Resources From Theory to Practice To promote development, detail, and focus of ideas in students' writing, it sometimes helps to start with a fun, creative writing activity that encourages what you want to see in all of their writing.

In this minilesson, students practice writing detailed, sensory-rich descriptions by framing a small piece of nature and freewriting about it.

Have your students write a story with those five characters and then share them.

Discuss how even using the same characters can lead to very distinct stories.5. Next, have them write a story in which a character completely unrelated to them eats the meal during a special occasion.

Make sure that they focus on areas aside from you teaching that particular class.10.

Give the students a few different premises from plots of "Twilight Zone" episodes, which usually come in the form of "a world of tiny people" or "forced to go back in time" plot.

Have the most popular stories re-enacted in front of the class at a later date, featuring the meal itself! For one classroom, have your classroom change into a pitch meeting for a television sitcom.

The people around the table must come up with the best possible ideas for an episode of television. If it makes sense for your class, have the scenario split into three different groups, with the rest of the class watching the "writers" duke it out followed by rotating in.7. Then have them attempt to imitate his style in the form of a short story.


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