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In comparison, Harvard admitted just over 5% of its applicants for the class of 2021.

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[2] When I was editing Mc Sweeney’s Internet Tendency, on occasion I would get angry/outraged responses to rejections.

Almost invariably they were irritating and insulting, and are demonstrably bad form, but hindsight has allowed me to respect the spirit of desire and self-belief that animated those responses.

University), which was a good fit all things considered, and I have no complaints about my writing career.[1] According to Dan Thompson, his goal is not to trigger a reprimand from the diversity office, and he doesn’t seem to have made any monetary demand. " question within weeks of starting graduate school at Mc Neese St.

Instead, after a dream delayed for work and life reasons, he wants a place for himself in the program. as the instructor of record for a developmental writing course.

The success I’ve had long surpassed what I once felt was possible, and yet, I’m simultaneously convinced I deserve even more.

It’s tough to find a writer who doesn’t feel similarly, at least in their private moments.

I’ve had students aspiring to medical school one day tell me that their dream was over because of a B in Biology. I hope we haven’t made a world where dreams are so easily quashed.

It is maybe tempting, and even easy to mock Dan Thompson.

The elite nature of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop provides graduates certain structural advantages over others when it comes to taking the next step forward in literary publishing: improved access to agents and editors, a network of other accomplished writers who may be helpful in all kind of ways.

But as my grandfather used to say, “You can’t buff a turd.” Talent/promise and the development that happens to any graduate student creative writer provided they put in the time and dedication weighs far more heavily in terms of ultimate success than any of those structural advantages.


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