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Writers in New York City make an average base pay of ,454 per year, according to Glassdoor. For content writers, specifically, it’s ,326 per year, 11 percent above average.

Writers in New York City make an average base pay of ,454 per year, according to Glassdoor. For content writers, specifically, it’s ,326 per year, 11 percent above average.There’s never a shortage of educational choices for writers in NY, no matter how much or how little time or money you want to spend.

There are hundreds of Meetup groups for New York writers.

Some cast a wide net, like the New York Writing Club, while others are more specific, catering to specific niches of creative or commercial writers, such as the NYC Over 40 Poets and Musicians On The Edge Open Mic and the Content Strategy NYC groups.

New Worker Magazine has an updated map of every coworking space in the greater NYC area.

Most are clustered in Lower and Midtown Manhattan and Carroll Gardens, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint in Brooklyn.

Two and a half years ago, I left a job as an editorial assistant in New York for an M. Like many fiction writers in the making, I didn’t do it because I thought I needed to improve my writing. The archetypal anti-workshop argument was made by David Foster Wallace in “The Fictional Future,” a section of a 1988 essay that is reprinted in “MFA vs NYC.” In his telling, creative-writing programs are filled with teachers who would rather be writing than teaching, and who resent their students for the lost time.

Creative Writing Courses Nyc

creative-writing program at the University of Montana.Like everything else pertaining to writers in New York City, the list of workshops, classes, and other events for writers is super-sized. Here are some highlights: If you are a freelance writer who craves a change of scenery, you’re in luck.The number of coworking spaces in the city has increased exponentially in recent years.You might get the impression from the essay, and from the book as a whole, that people write fiction either to get a good teaching gig or to be toasted forevermore at New York parties, while commanding big advances. But it seems to me that the only thing that would make it an career choice would be spending one’s writing life trying to appeal to a dim, shifting notion of what either the academic or publishing marketplace wants.(Though even a good advance runs out pretty quickly, as detailed in the book by both Keith Gessen and Emily Gould.) If this were the case, as Elif Batuman writes in her essay about “program fiction,” this system would “not generate good books, except by accident.”Luckily, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Good luck guessing right: the wind will have shifted half a dozen times in the course of writing a book.It’s not that this collection doesn’t show that—in fact, one of the purposes of the collection to show that—but the dichotomy of the title essay and its implication hangs over everything that comes after. (I leave out lawyers on the run and dystopian teens because Harbach, and everyone else in this book, assumes, correctly, that no one reading “MFA vs NYC” wants to be the next John Grisham or Suzanne Collins.)Most people would agree that choosing to write fiction is a bad career move, even with the increased possibility of a middle-class teaching life thanks to the rise of M. And, worse, as one of my former professors never tires of telling me, even if you somehow sell a lot of books and win awards and get a profile in the , you’re still going to wake up and have to be yourself.The book is frustrating because the things that make good fiction—things like families, relationships, and death—have very little to do with either M. There’s a smart, muted version of this attitude on the second-to-last page of the book, under the heading “Advice.” Caleb Crain writes, “I don’t think you should beat yourself up for not having published a book at the age of 28, but I think that a young person should keep a journal, and read seriously, and, you know, think about everything that happens.” And in Gessen’s refreshingly sane piece, called “Money (2014),” about the real work and benefit of a creative-writing class, he lays out the reasons for his reluctance to teach a fiction workshop.New Meetup groups pop up all the time, and existing ones may close.After you sign up with Meetup, you can choose to receive announcements of new groups that match your interests.“And so by teaching such a class, weren’t you taking part in that deception, in the deception that all these students might become writers?And weren’t you also forced, all the time, to lie to them, in effect, whether mildly or baldly, about their work?


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