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Join those Harry Potter and sports societies to help boost your cover letter! Tailoring a cover letter will involve knowing different parts of the company. Weave this information in throughout your cover letter, especially in the first paragraph. In the cover letter, it is your chance to sell yourself and proclaim why this role was made for you. Yes, we know that sounds a bit dumbfounded, but listen up; it makes sense.No need to dig through thousands of pages on Wikipedia. The whole point of the cover letter is to talk about yourself and why the position is for you.Attached to a CV, is the cover letter to your application.

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Look through the job description and include any skills you may have. Using fluffy words and Shakespearean language seems like a way to impress recruiters, however, you should keep it simple!

Get straight to the point and use your words wisely. You know how a cover letter should look like and what lovely parts to include. There are steps to prepare, which will make it a far more pleasurable experience. From there, you can align your own set of skills with the role and mention any skills you wish to develop.

In response to your vacancy at [Name of Company] I wish to apply and express my interest.

I am keen to develop a career in HR and complete the CIPD qualification.

Take a look at our cover letter examples to gain some ideas. James is writing his cover letter for an HR placement opportunity at a data-security company.

In this example, you can see he has listed extra-curricular activities, any relevant work experiences and reasons why he feels the role is suited to him.This is also the opportunity to say how you are suited to the role.The topic of this paragraph is to highlight why the role appeals to you and discuss how the responsibilities of the position are suited to your needs.Oh and while you are here, take a look at our CV guide to ensure your application is flawless.To keep everything neat and well-structured, it is important to know the layout of a cover letter.Normally dismissed in the application process, a cover letter can catapult yourself into landing that initial interview.Hence why it is important to know what a cover letter is.Ever wondered how to impress an employer during the application process?Writing a stellar-looking cover letter is the one-way track to landing an interview.You can also share your previous work experiences and extra-curricular activities (as long as it is relevant! The final paragraph is the chance to sell yourself.Tailor your competency skills to the role and include any achievements you have.


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