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Other competitors noticed it, so when I stopped playing professionally, I had the time to build Trick Strat for everyone.” “Having time” is a relative term for someone like Ambrose, who is a multitasker by nature.In addition to his esports ventures, he’s full-stack developer at a Fin Tech startup and is a part-time student in Penn State Great Valley’s Master of Software Engineering program. “It’s crucial to allow for some downtime and ‘unplug’ so you don’t burn out.

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Now I’m using my knowledge of the industry in different ways.” After spending 10 years in the “Gears of War” professional circuit, Ambrose made a career change.

He still travels around the globe to attend esports tournaments, but instead of competing, he works as an analyst, providing commentary and insight on games.

I intentionally enrolled in an invention course so I could delve into the patent system for Trick Strat.” While on campus, Ambrose heard about the inaugural Lion Cage pitch competition.

Held through Penn State Great Valley’s REV-UP Center for Entrepreneurship, the daylong event allows students, alumni and community members to compete for cash prizes by sharing their business idea, product or startup.

But he was especially passionate about esports, or competitive, multiplayer video games that now make up a billion-dollar, international industry.

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“I’ve always had a competitive drive and a good sense of teamwork,” he said. I took something I loved and found a way to compete in tournaments internationally.Fortunately, Penn State Great Valley’s programs are flexible, and I’m able to step-in and step-out as needed.When I’m traveling a lot, I can take a semester off.” Ambrose is strategic in his academic pursuits.Biology | Chemistry | Organic Chemistry | Biochemistry | Physics | Statistics | English Pre-Freshmen Coursework (including AP, Dual Credit) | Study Abroad Coursework | Graduate Coursework | Continuing Education Coursework | Foreign Coursework Coursework Coursework Video | Course Listings The following is a list of criteria for how courses will be coded during application processing.Applicants may appeal course coding changes made during processing. Includes all General Chemistry courses applied toward a Baccalaureate degree in traditional science fields.Foreign coursework will not count towards satisfying any of the required courses listed in the Education Requirements section.All prerequisites must be taken at a regionally accredited US or Canadian college or university. Entering Coursework into the TMDSAS Application is a hurdle for many applicants, but it doesn't have to be!“The idea has always been there,” Ambrose explained. When I started playing esports professionally, I needed to prepare my team and act quickly.Like my soccer and basketball coaches would depict plays on a white board, I started drawing things with pen and paper and, as technology progressed, a tablet.He’s also an entrepreneur: He started Ambrose Gaming, his own software and design consultancy, and is the founder of Trick Strat, an application where esports teams, coaches and analysts can discuss and draw strategies on in-game maps.Ambrose credits the concept for Trick Strat to his time spent in youth sports.


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