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There is lower level Biology 100 and a more advanced upper-level Biology 200 series. You will find this across most, if not all, course offerings at all major Universities and Community Colleges. Here is just one example of why you should consider upper-level courses: My wife, who was pre-nursing, took all "lower level" science courses as a pre-nursing requirement.

This was based on recommendations made by her academic adviser with a pre-nursing focus.

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That being said, there is a general curriculum that most PA schools require before matriculation.

Most programs will require at least: *Schools can be very particular about which chemistry series they prefer.At UW this would constitute "lower level" general chemistry.If you were to take a look at the University course catalog you will see that there is another step above Chem 110 and Chem 120: General Chem 142, 152 and 162.The following table compares prerequisite course requirements from 10 different top ranking PA schools in the United States.The 9 subjects highlighted in yellow represent common core requirements that you should pay attention to.Upper division prerequisite requirements can be completed at a four-year institution, community college, or online courses from regionally accredited institutions.We do not look down on community college coursework.Let's use one of my least favorite subjects, chemistry, as an example.At the University of Washington (UW), the Chemistry department offers Chem 110 and Chem 120: Introduction to General Chemistry and Principles of Chemistry 1.I declared my new major in Zoology with a renewed focus on completing my pre-PA coursework.Leaving the pre-medical track opened up many options I had not previously had.


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