Consumerism And Materialism Essays

The most direct route to that is to buy and flaunt.It is as if most Americans would pick money over happiness if they had a chance.This is because the consumerist society in which we exist sustains itself by excluding anyone who does not conform to the culture of endless buying and since human beings are social creatures, most of us try to keep up with the consumerist trends (Twitchell).

For example Bill Gates is ranked as the richest man in the world, this ranking being based on our perception of money as an indirect endorsement for the man as the most successful businessman alive.

These measurements do not take into account what he has achieved, how many people he has helped or even how happy he is.

This essay will qualify the aforementioned working thesis by considering all the facts and arguments presented in these two articles.

To a great extent, the claim in the working thesis can be viewed as a logical one and there is evidence all around us that validates and supports it.

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In “Two Cheers for Materialism,” James Twitchell posits that “We live through things, we create ourselves through things and we change ourselves by changing our things.” When we look at this claim by the author, it sounds like a veiled criticism of a materialist culture.

This must be so otherwise the materialist culture would come up even if they were to remain static for others to keep up with them.

For instance when technology devices such as the new i Phone are unveiled, there are those who can afford to purchase them immediately notwithstanding the price.


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