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These rich deposits have been another central cause of conflict and violence especially directed towards the Taroh of Wase LGAwith the guise of sharing out the proceeds of the resources. Steps that could be taken to improve the situation will be outlined as well as what has been learned about conflict resolution and negotiation. Retrieved from: Strategies: Interaction Guidelines for Painless Conflict Resolution (2011) American Sentinel University. Race is recognized via skin tone, facial characteristics and accent etc. Hunt (Ed.) Personality and the behavior disorders (Vol. This region is accredited to be the richest region in terms of natural minerals and holds commercially viable mineral levels like the copper deposits, Gypsum, Hard ock, limestone, calcite strantonite, and Galena (Sterlington esources, 2014). This work in writing will identify any patterns of behavior and the applicable of patterns to any other conflict situations and provide supporting evidence. 17-43) The second factor affecting the success of the process of conflict resolution is race. Natural resources and violent conflict: Options and actions.

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What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate: Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation Programs in Middle and High Schools in the U. And Their Ability to Serve Students From Diverse Backgrounds. This is illustrating how the field of conflict resolution can transform the way the various sides are looking at a host of events and their underlying meaning. There can be situations when an individual disagrees with his partner or family members over certain matters.

To achieve these objectives a number of criteria must be me: a web of relationships exist between different parties, the ability to sustain the interests of stakeholders, the desire to create something new and acceptance of the risks associated with unknown outcomes. Although these individuals have their own priorities, one thing is common in all of them; they all want to be taken care of, want to be understood and supported in all major decisions of life (Newsom et al., 2008). New Harbinger Publications, Oakland, CA Gottman JM.

Conflict esolution Valerie is caught in an approach -- avoidance conflict (Miller, 1944). The conflict will be exacerbated if any party feels that their culture is being insulted. 17-43) Moreover, power also plays an important role in the success of the conflict resolution.

She seeks to confront Thomas regarding the rumor that she has heard that Thomas is spending time with a female colleague, yet at the same time she is apprehensive regarding approaching him about the issue because if she does so and the rumors not true Thomas will be upset by her mistrust.

Given that this is a budding personal relationship and that Valerie has strong feelings for Thomas it is important that the……

It may affect the success negatively if the cultural values of either of the parties are not kept in mind.

Eventually, an extensive variety of methods as well as procedures for tackling conflict are available, together with but not restricted to, give and take, arbitration, diplomacy, as well as artistic tranquility building.

Over and over again, dedicated members of a group make efforts to come up with a solution to a group conflicts by enthusiastically relaying information regarding their conflicting intentions or beliefs to the entire group and by engaging in joint give and take like situation.

Some become acquaintances, some become friends, some become competitors and some become enemies.

In personal and professional life both, an individual meets numerous people.


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