Compare Contrast Essay Powerpoint Presentation

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For instance, should we go by bus or by car, Where to continue studies, should I choose science stream or arts, etc.Writing the compare and contrast essay is pretty much the same: you should critically analyze two or more topics by comparing their similarities and differences before drawing a conclusion at the end of allowing the reader to have a clear understanding of the subject.The compare and contrast essay definition is pretty self-explanatory: revealing the differences and similarities in theories, novels, and characters under a certain topic.Again these contrasts should be at least three in number and make small paragraph for each contrast.Conclusion Wrap every point you have proved above in your discussion in this conclusion and give a professional look to your writing here. In this way you can write comparison and contrast easy successfully.Here you need to reveal absolute knowledge on subject and to prove your observation you need to reaffirm.Introduction Open your introduction generally, like other essays and link it to thesis. Similarities of Topic 1 and 2In this section, compare both the essays and write their similarities.In these types of situations we generally employ these methods.Undoubtedly, this technique has been proved beneficial also.Thus in this topic you will discuss about topic one completely and here you may have one or more phrases.But don’t mention any thing about the second topic.


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