Compare Contrast Essay Fast Foods

When working with fast food the cook can get very stressed after reading through two hundred tickets in a hour, and a lot of times has to take a break from cooking to go clear his or hers mind.

Even though both find dining and fast food restaurants have the same concept of preparing food to be sold to the public for a profit; there are many differences when you start to look at the way the food is prepared and presented.

This changes the whole mentality of the way the kitchen works.

When working in this kind of restaurant, they try to put more time into making every plate perfect and appealing to the costumer.

First, when people come to these restaurants they are not looking for it to be fast.

Usually they come to sit down, get comfortable, and spend time with their family or significant other.

Since their ingredients are delivered fresh, this makes the prices of the food go up.

To work in either one of these types of restaurants people have to like preparing food, or they probably will not last very long in the kitchen.

The food industry worldwide now has been subjected into two categories of restaurants which majority of people have their meals especially in the developed countries.

Fast food chains which emerged in the 1912 in the United States opened a door to more and more fast food chains which changed the mode of food preparations in the restaurants or food outlets.


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