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      The brutal murder of 6-year-old Jon Benet Ramsey on Christmas night in 1996 shocked America to its core.

Just as the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and murder seven decades earlier had seared the nation’s consciousness, this murder – of a beautiful and talented child in a wealthy Boulder, Colorado home --renewed every parent’s worst nightmare.

The police left a few hours later to obtain a warrant to search the house for evidence of a break-in.

When they returned, they were surprised to find what appeared to be a young child lying under the Christmas tree. She appeared to be dead, and appeared to have been dead for a period of time.

We take a look back at what happened, and at how communities are recovering today. I've been the IT Director for East Grand Schools for well over a decade but have worked several side and summer jobs as well.

I've been a bellman, a raft guide, freelance computer tech, network engineer and graphic designer. I watched students stream out of the school, excited about what summer will bring. I packed up my classroom, I completed my end of year checklist, high fived my colleagues and then headed out of the building myself.

It has been nearly three years since this violent crime occurred and no one has been brought to justice. 23, 1996, a 911 call was placed from the Ramsey home to the Boulder Police Department.

The call was terminated before a police dispatcher could speak to the caller.


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