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College Essays On Life Changing Experiences-78
While staying in the United States I have learnt that the country has all favorable aspects that can help an individual in pursuit for a better life especially when a person would like to build a good character.

Just like the American Dream has been achieved my dreams also have the potential of becoming real.

Above all, coming to America has taught me on the need to embrace original culture and lifestyle. S for its hyphenation where all cultures are welcomed and a person does not have to give up their identity to become American.

However, the problem was my fellow students; they were quick to translate this kindness to weakness.

I became that student everyone would pick on and being the kind-hearted person I was, I would let it pass. Although I could take the bullying, I felt this was too much.

The diversity created by the co-existence of immigrants, ex-enslaves and various indigenous groups show how the country’s policies are flexible to fit anyone.

Notably, flexibility is a crucial element that a person requires in life since it can be applied in all aspects especially while making decisions. Life is characterized by ups and downs and how well you handle them determines how happy and fulfilled your life is.I have not lived many years to boast of seeing it all, hearing it all nor knowing it all but the few years I have spent on the surface of the earth have not been without lessons; a couple of situations that needed careful decision making to get through them safely.As far as I remember, my mother introduced me into the reading of short stories when I was three years old.She used to buy me all sorts of short stories from very early on.Outwardly, most of the citizen in the country lives to achieve the American Dream where it is expected to have patriotic people who have equal opportunities for success.The hard work and relentless determination to achieve the dream is evident among the citizens since most of inventors come up with new ideas and willingly share them to others for the improvement of the society.Of all the things that I can remember from my childhood, three things that have made me whom I am and I believe they will have continued effects in my future as well.They include the reading habit that my mother inculcated from my childhood, frequent change in schools, and competitive urge that runs in our extended family.For instance, most of the financially able people invest on new ideas and talents which show how much they value each other’s well-being.Therefore, the efforts of achieving the dream give me courage of setting new goals and striving to make the dreams a reality.


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