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One of the primary goals of redesigning classroom space in Ellis Hall is to evaluate how teaching spaces can facilitate changes in approaches to teaching and student learning.

Since the first Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) launched, researchers have explored a variety of issues, such as developing open-minded thinking skills in ALCs, promoting ALC team work, and configuring university spaces to contribute to educators' development.

Teamwork has been identified as a critical professional skill (Hughes, 2011; Kozlowski & Bell, 2003), and is a key learning outcome in undergraduate education (Biggs & Tang, 2011). Biggs, 1996; Riebe, Roepen, Santarelli & Marchioro, 2010) suggests that deliberately teaching and assessing teamwork is an effective way to build teamwork skills.

This workshop will model the use of concept mapping for a mini-team based activity, as a potential method for students to build a common understanding of teamwork.

This session will introduce participants to our respondents’ journeys, from knowing about learner-centred teaching to experiencing it in an ALC.

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As one respondent put it, “I knew about the shift, but I lived it here and I could not have lived it in the other room.” We share these results to contribute to ongoing discussions about teaching and learning as a field of study and community of practice.

Current research projects include an investigation of courses held partly in traditional lecture spaces and partly in ALCs, an evaluation of low-stakes writing activities taught in ALCs, and a study of how international students and English language learners experience ALCs. “There is No Single Right Answer”: The Potential for Active Learning Classrooms to Facilitate Actively Open-minded Thinking. Leger, A., Chen, V., Woodside- Duggins, V., & Riel, A. Report on Active Learning Classrooms in Ellis Hall September 2013- July 2014.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is also available to support instructors who wish to conduct their own Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (So TL) projects in active learning classrooms. Kingston, ON: Centre for Teaching and Learning, Queen’s University.

This complicates the student and instructor’s ability to develop and track performance of teamwork as an outcome.

Identifying performance criteria and behavioral markers indicative of teamwork skills is highly valuable in building the quality of individual student contributions to a team such that targeted feedback can be provided and outcomes improved.


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