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2014 Dynamax Trilogy 37BH 20 DRW Okay, post coffee and morning walk, I get it! Five outstanding items on my list: Clean, condition and protect newly painted front cap with Reflex Solve for the best HVAC solution (performance/noise reduction) Install insulation to reflect the heat back out of front cap and bedroom Install internal electrical and surge protection Install sewer hose compartment underneath the bedroom (already have the components so this will move up the list) We are planning a late spring trip to the west. Cathy is very sensitive about "being warm when she is sleeping".Researching the options now and wide open to recommendations.

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We have 3 Coleman Mach 8 low profile 15k units and I replaced all 3 fan blades and they are much quieter. Our rig came with two of the Coleman Mach 8 15,000 BTU units.

They are super loud and the vibration from the compressor is not dampened adequately in the design of those units.

My wife actually had to get up in the night to go check it because she thought it wasn't running. I also wanted to note that there is a potentially huge loss of cooling power with the original install as Dynamax saw fit to just throw the gigantic control module box right down into the intake area of the 14" x 14" AC hole in the ceiling which consequently disrupts airflow significantly and blocks I would estimate about 30% or more of the airflow into the AC unit.

The solution is to move the control box up into the AC unit and screw it down.

I believe this is the source of a huge loss in cooling in the Trilogy models.

I am including a photo of the control box in the intake for reference.

In both instances, I contacted Airxcel and they sent replacement parts, free of charge. So, sounds like the low profile Dometic units sound like our Coleman (especially the one in the bedroom).

The gents at Dynamax checked it out to make certain it wasn't loose, but it vibrates and sounds like it is ready for take-off!

So after only 1.5 seasons (which admittedly are long and brutal in South Louisiana) our rear Coleman Mach 8 15K BTU air conditioner died. After a lot of hemming and hawing about how to move forward, I decided to replace the unit with a Coleman Mach 15 (also 15K BTU). Adds an additional few inches to the already very high profile of the Trilogy. In the end I wanted others to know that it is possible to swap the Mach 8 with a Mach 15 with no major issues.

May or may not work with the existing wiring, thermostat and control module 3. I will have to add new trim to clean up the look from the inside.


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