Coding Dissertation Qualitative Research

Your analysis of the data will become more profound as your codes become more detailed.

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You just need to read through your data and get familiar with it.

At this point, you don’t have to develop sophisticated codes for the data, but rather just an idea of what the overall data looks like.

You can try to code sections with a broad code name for future reference, writing down notes as you read is also a good idea.

As the name suggests, in this stage, you comb through your data with a closer eye. Try to code everything, even if you know certain codes are not going to make it in the endgame.

The themes can tell the same story from different perspectives, or several different stories that connect with each other.

With great narratives created from the themes, the messy qualitative data are now in a meaningful order.Here is an example: Depending on what you want to find out, you may code both these two sentences “meals”, in this case, each sentence is a code.You may also code “chicken and rice” and “beef lasagna” as “food” and “wine” as “drink”, notice how this time each phrase is a code and you have two different codes?There’re two types of coding methods, deductive and inductive.Deductive coding is the coding method wherein you have developed a codebook as a reference to guide you through the coding process.Of course, the codebook changes as you code on, new codes will be added and categories re-organized.In the end, your codebook should reflect the structure of your data.The codebook will be developed before your data collection starts, usually in the process of researching the existing field.Usually, if you have a general direction in mind, you will be able to develop a rough codebook.And within the themes, you can tell the user story. The bigger categories are the overarching themes while the sub-categories supporting themes.This is where you can engage in storytelling from your data.


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