Coca Cola Pest Analysis Case Study

In order to grow, the company needed to explore other markets; this led to the creation of three branches.

The first branch is Pepsi Co which mainly operates in the Latin America while the second branch which is the Pepsi Co international has a wider geographical operation.

Just like Pepsi Co, Coca-Cola is also conscious of the environment.

It makes sure that it follows environmental regulations, although this has been one of the issues that have disturbed its operations in some countries, but swiftly moved in to rectify it (Girard, 2005).

Its vision calls on stakeholders to be prepared for any occurrence in the future.

This is the company’s roadmap that is aimed at making the company and its bottling partners win together.The Chief operating officers from each strategic unit are obligated to report to the Chief Executive Officer and to the chairman of the Board of Directors of the company.Just like Pepsi Co, Coca-Cola also has a decentralized structure although it has a central authority to which all units report (Wet Feet, 2008).They have faced almost the same problems, for instance, the issue of inappropriate ingredients.Some ingredients are said to be unsuitable in some countries because of the cultural differences.It trades in light foods and operates in the US and Canada.Initially, Pepsi Co used to run its businesses through two units, the Pepsi Co North America and Pepsi Co International.The internal financial reports of Coca-Cola are based on this structure.Each strategic unit has a head who reports to a chief operating officer.The company was founded in 1965 in New York and deals with the production of non-alcoholic beverages and food processing items.It is the leading global producer of snacks and beverages.


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