Cleopatra And Mark Antony Essay

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Ignoring all advice to the contrary, Antony elects to fight him at sea, allowing Cleopatra to command a ship.But, in the heat of battle, Cleopatra's ship flees and Antony follows her, leaving his fleet to be defeated.

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Soon, however, he dies, undone by his shame and the weight of his disloyalty.

Another day brings another battle, and once again Antony meets Caesar at sea.

As before, the Egyptian fleet abandons the fight and leaves Antony to suffer defeat.

Convinced that his lover has betrayed him, Antony vows to kill Cleopatra.

Once she's gone, however, Antony returns to Egypt and Cleopatra.

In Egypt, Antony raises a large army to fight Caesar, and Caesar, angered by Antony's treatment of his sister, commands his army and navy to Egypt.

He breaks the truce with Pompey, wages war against him, and, using Lepidus' army, defeats him once again.

Then Caesar betrays Lepidus as well, accuses him of treason, imprisons him, and takes all that he owns, including his land.

But, the attendant kills himself instead, so that Antony must fall upon his own sword.

Then, mortally wounded, he is carried by his remaining attendants to Cleopatra's monument, where he dies in her arms.


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